Hālau Hula I Ka Lā, Toronto

Hālau Hula I Ka Lā means Hula School In The Sun. We are a hālau hula (hula school) based in Toronto, Ontario and sister school to Hālau Hula I Ka Lā in Fresno, California. Our vision is to promote and educate the community about the Aloha Spirit through the Hawaiian art of Hula with performances, workshops and cultural engagement.

At Hālau Hula I Ka Lā, we believe that the goodness in each person can be expressed through Hula and that our representation of Hula demonstrates our respect for the Hawaiian culture, Her people and a love for all people. With our ‘ohana (family) at Hālau Hula I Ka Lā, we strive to live the values and principles of Aloha, sharing the warmth and beauty of Hawaiian culture with the grace of a hula dancer.

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